The Return to Minimalism

A bumpy start to the New Year- while it seemed the whole world was busy creating and executing their resolutions, my family spent the first 21 (and counting) days sick. From strep throat to the corona virus, and a trip to the ER for baby- I am over it all.

Adding to my frustration is the Return to Minimalism, sparked by the Netflix original Kon-Marie show.

I watched in agony- some from strep throat- but mostly because the growing Post-Holiday Pile Up was still here; and I was either sidelined by illness myself, or helping my husband as we ran kids from doctor to doctor.

Fear of Missing Out- here everyone is remembering the joys of simplicity- tossing out piles of clothes, emptying drawers, recycling and discarding.  And like the rest of my good intentions for 2019- nothing has happened.

No studio time.  No deep cleaning of the house. No sorting of old paperwork. No emptying closets and seeing what sparks joy.

Forgive my whiny rant- I am hoping that maybe this week, if the stars align, the family will feel better, and just maybe, I can set some goals besides monitoring who is taking what antibiotic at what time.