No time for writing either

I find the most difficult part of downsizing happens immediately after a purge of items.  The glorious blank space left behind after the reducing begs to be re-filled by a trip to Pier 1 or Target.   I recognize my desire to have a home that could be featured in Better Homes and Gardens, artfully and tastefully decorated, my son and I perfectly posed on our porch.  

The stuff in those pictures is as artificial as the airbrushed lips on a model in Redbook.  I have to remember most of it is just a prop, an advertisement disguised as a vase, or fruit dish.  All of it combined telling us to purchase it all and we will have this bliss. 

My other struggle is my love of cosmetics.  I browse the Ulta catalog and want lotions for skin conditions I don’t even have. Foundation to cover wrinkles I am sure I can see.  And new color palettes for lips and eyes to compliment the seasons.  

I have done a huge improvement in downsizing the cosmetics. Not only did it free up space in my cottage, but it saves hundreds (sad, I know) of dollars on the next most amazing cream.   I enjoy the process of applying makeup, so I haven’t cut myself off cold, I just make very careful decisions about which items I purchase.  

It’s a journey, not an destination, and little steps on the way.