I’ll get to it

My car has a “lived in” look- or as my son says, “Why did we buy such a dirty car?”

We didn’t- I just find it easier to leave things in there rather than make multiple trips to clean it out when there are other things to do once I get in the house.

I get home from a grocery run.  Vince and I had a snack on the way home- the bags are left next to our seat, or a coffee cup in the holder.   When I pull into the garage, my mind is already on the dozen bags of groceries that need to be sorted and put away; all the while I can hear the pups barking since it’s 10 minutes past their feeding time and they don’t understand patience.  I stumble in the door with a 5 year old, the groceries and now happy yappy pups – and the car is forgotten entirely.   Until I need to drive somewhere and have to deal with the mess I left behind.

That is my problem. It is easier to walk away and leave the mess behind- so I thought- to deal with at another time, or that I will get back to it.  The trouble is, that time never comes- I am in a rush to the next item on my list; and left behind me are little piles of “Oh, I’ll get to that” “I don’t have time for it” “It can wait”.   Can it?

At some point, all that is left is half completed piles of good intentions.

I have to find focus that is not born in me to tackle these things.  Sometimes, all that gets done is sorting the mail.  Today, maybe the car.  Piece by piece, pile by pile until I can take back some sanity.

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