I miss playing Solitare at my Grandparent’s house, while Grandma and Grandpa watched Jeopardy.  I played with real cards, and watched real antenna TV on the only 3 or 4 stations we had.   Grandpa would give me tips on which card to move when I got stuck, and I would shout answers to Alex Trebeck to see if I could beat the contestants.  

I remember the quiet- there were no notifications beeping for attention.  No status updates, blogs to read, or pins to repost.  My son will never know a world like that.  At three, he is already playing Star Wars on my phone, and talking about lasers and Angry Birds.  His attention span would never be satisfied with a card game, it doesn’t have lights or bells to attract him.

I remember hunting without a phone to call home on.  Grandpa would tell Mom and Grandma where we planned to hunt that day, and they knew not to expect us before dark. We had no gps, we gave vague directions to where we may be. More often than not, we ended up somewhere else.   

I remember having time to read, and paint, because there was nothing else vying for my attention. The whole world is overwhelming, and the simple act of me blogging adds to it.  I want that quiet back.  I wish I could go places and not see families tied to their phones- the same ones I have been selling for years.  We pushed them because, well, the company paid us to.  But we fed on people’s desire to be connected, their fears of being left out, or unable to get in touch.  I used to drive to New York and Philadelphia with a map and some change for the turnpike.  Now, although I know the way by heart to center city, I can’t go without a phone -“What if…..”  

Someday I want to turn it all off.  I haven’t had cable in nearly 2 years. I rarely watch a movie on Netflix.  But my phone I can’t put down.  Facebook wall scrolling consumes me.  Pinterest is next if I run out of posts to view.   Baby steps, though, I have unfollowed many so my news feed is truly information I need to see.  I try to scale back my posts to things that are useful only.  

Maybe I can find a deck of cards somewhere and try to play.  I miss sitting at my Grandpa’s feet, with him helping me to pick cards, and watching a tv station that is more static than picture.  I am thankful for the simplicity of those days. 

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