It’s Midnight. Shopping for tanks.

Just finished up the last report for work.  All the technology in the world, and I am still manually entering in sales numbers to an excel spreadsheet–when, if only the powers that be were patient, the system generates sales totals the next day.  Madness. 

I had a coffee at 10 to stay awake till now. To burn off the caffeine high, I will troll Facebook every five minutes to see if I missed anything, then off to Pinterest to see what the good Moms of the world do in their free time.  

A sad day, my son informed me that his once favorite toys are now only “for babies”, and I can get rid of them.  Is 3 too young to watch Clone Wars animations on Netflix?  He can build star fighters out of mega blocks now and zoom them after the cat, so I figure, what’s the harm.  But I feel a little pain when I look down the infant toy aisle at things he will never want again.  Instead of binkys, I Shop for tanks.  

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