Pour a glass and stay awhile…

If you came here looking for the latest in vino trends, quirky memes about women and red wine, my apologies.   I don’t have time for a drink.  I am a full time market manager, a Mommy of a three year old son, and am lost somewhere in the middle of a divorce.   I should be drinking.   

Alas, I can only carve out a few minutes each day to daydream about what it would be like to get white girl wasted.  I don’t even have time to pop the cork and sniff the bottle.   Unfortunately the time I need to devote to a proper hangover I use to make sure my sales reports are run, the stores open and staffed, my son fed, clean, clothed and happy.  Oh, and remember to feed the cat. 

I will not waste more of your time complaining- I have some friends who are home making, Pinterest pinning, organic, vegan superstars and I will be posting links to their great ideas and photos.  I am a Minimilist in training, and will document my struggles to unload a house full of stuff, real and imagined.  I will probably rant about the weather, or traffic, or how my coffee got cold.   

So thanks for stopping by, hope you are enjoying a smooth glass of Pinot noir (my wine of choice once a year that I get it).  I have some Mommy stuff to do now and can’t stay to chat.  


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